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The Digital Arts Collective is a leader in the field of Independent Film Production, having written, produced and directed a number of San Diego based projects.  However, on April 29, 2007, the Collective has begun production of an 80-part dramatic series for the Internet, called “Wing Woman: The Webisodes”.  DAC is now one of just a handful of companies that have entered into this realm of  internet “super distribution” content, others include LonelyGirl15 or Michael Eisner’s Prom Queen.  Wing Woman is an original concept by Rebecca Bredholt, a Washington D.C. based screenwriter who is collaborating with DAC to ensure her personal creative vision is maintained.

The Digital Arts Collective is rare in having attained the reputation and reach of it’s productions for a company that is truly independent. 

We are actively developing and seeking projects which combine commercial appeal, engaging and provocative subjects and refined but energetic execution to attract high level talent and distribution interest.

Vivas Las Cheapas
Viva Las Cheapas

Naomi - 48 Hour Film

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